How to install windows 7 – Step-by-Step Guide

An operating system is a medium through with you communicate with your computer. The most basic yet essential thing to have is OS for your computer. It is also important to pick an OS that is highly user-friendly and easy to install.

With multiple options of Operating systems, you opt for the one that is uncomplicated to access. Deciding on the OS, Windows 7 has the highest number of users across the world. Even after launching other versions of the operating system, Windows 7 is the one that is still preferred by most of the users.

how to install windows 7

Moreover, executing steps on how to install windows 7 is easier in comparison. Before proceeding, there are certain things that should be kept on the top of the list while installing Window 7:

  • Check system requirements
  • Check the compatibility of hardware and software
  • Determine disk partitioning options
  • Complete a pre-Installation specification

Once you meet all the requirements, you may now step ahead to install the operating system on your computer/ laptop.

Steps to install Windows 7:

  1. Enter your computer’s BIOS (Basic input/output system)
  • Turn off the computer and switch on prior to installing Windows 7. Once the BIOS screen displays or you will be prompted to the next step
  • Depending on your computer’s motherboard, press Del, Esc, F2, F10, or F9 keys to enter the system BIOS
  1. Find the BIOS’s boot options menu as the location of BIOS menu may differ according to the computer’s specifications
  2. Take out the Windows 7 disk and select the CD-ROM drive option as the first boot device of your computer
  3. Save the settings changes from the BIOS menu to keep the configuration
  4. Shut down your computer by its manual processor or long press the power off key
  5. Read the Microsoft Software License Terms & Conditions and Accept the License Terms, click Next
  6. Choose the Custom installation
  7. Select hard drive on which you want to install Windows
  8. Click Next and the Windows will start to install
  9. Start your computer normally to your current operating system

The installation might take longer, do not interrupt the process while undergoing. You have now successfully performed the steps on how to install Windows 7 (Install windows 10). If you fail to complete the installation process or an error occurs by default, call on Windows 7 customer support.

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