How to install McAfee Antivirus and activate device security on an iOS device?

Securing device has now become an essential task for everyone who uses a computer or mobile and has the access to the internet. Therefore, to deliver the services of all the needs, McAfee antivirus develops such components that not only protect you from becoming a victim of cybercrime but also increases the potential life of the device.

Because the mobile phone is one of the electronics, that one carries all the time and everywhere. Many of the users lose expensive phones and other problems occur. To take you out of these situations, McAfee for iOS or Android helps you to locate your device. Moreover, the security features of McAfee captures and emails the picture along with the location of your missing mobile.

If you have activated McAfee, you get added protection of phone lock, which can be accessed by the person who has the access. So, if you want to avail sure measures, you need to install and activate the software on your phone. Below are the steps to install mobile security for iOS Please note that you need to subscribe to McAfee Mobile Security for iOS to get activated McAfee antivirus on your iOS device and may not be applicable on other phones.

Steps to install and activate McAfee on iOS:
1. Launch the Apple App Store on your phone’s screen
2. In the Search field, type McAfee Mobile Security (or
3. Tap on the option to get
4. When prompted to the next section, mark agree to download the app
5. Wait for a while until the McAfee Mobile Security is downloading and installing

Step 2: Activate Mobile Security
1. Tap on the icon and launch McAfee app
2. Open Mobile Security
3. On the login page, use the credential associated with your McAfee account and go to your
4. To continue, mark Accept the McAfee License Agreement and Privacy Notice
5. Tap Next and Wait for the app to activate

You have successfully installed and activated McAfee antivirus. Perform a complete scan to remove any risk and to protect your data.

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