McAfee Activate | Download , Install & Activate |

McAfee Activate – It is easy to intrude through your phones and computers as a part of cybercrime. As the technology advances, the cybercrimes go parallel and one cannot guess what kind of technology and program they use to breach data. It is not new that threat crimes have always been on the headlines. The conclusion of such risks is to have premium antivirus protection. Depending on the research performed by McAfee Labs clarifies that the rate of cybercrime is increasing every year. Therefore, it is recommended to install and activate McAfee security software to keep your data secures from online threats, viruses, and other risks.

When you step forward to have McAfee activate for your digital gadgets, you are supposed to follow some criteria such as, there should be no other antivirus software installed on the device. Uninstall any parallel software to avoid poor performing device. Make sure your PC and phone meet the compatibility standards. Next, you can move ahead to leverage the security McAfee antivirus.

Get started with McAfee antivirus on your PC:

Steps to download McAfee:-

  1. Go to or type the link printed on your McAfee retail card in a web browser
  2. Enter the product key in the fields
  3. If you do not have a McAfee activation keycode, click on McAfee icon at the top-right side of the browser window, this will redirected to the official page
  4. Go under the product section
  5. Select the product you have to have a subscription of and click buy now
  6. On the next page, enter all the required details to proceed with the billing process
  7. Re-check and then click ‘Place my order’ button
  8. Create an account/ If you an existing account then log in
  9. Enter the license keycode and download the software

Steps to Install McAfee:-

  1. Launch the downloaded file and click to install the antivirus program
  2. Choose country and language
  3. When asked for your McAfee activation keycode, enter it in its respective field and proceed
  4. Complete all the on-screen steps to complete the procedure

The installation process might take several minutes, do not close the window or suspend the ongoing process to eliminate the cases of error. Once done with the installation, follow the succeeding process.

In case have a pre-installed McAfee on your computer, skip the steps and check if it the subscription is active or expired. In case expired, activate it.

Steps to Activate McAfee:-

  1. Launch McAfee antivirus on the screen and go to settings
  2. Check the subscription details, click if you find the activate/reactivate button
  3. In case you do not find the button, go to
  4. Enter the key and if you see ‘expired code’ or such message, purchase a new subscription and a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered email address
  5. Use the key in the respective field and complete the activation

Once done, you will receive a confirmation message of McAfee activate on the mail and the software will also show the app is activated. You can also seek assistance from the support section of McAfee.