Setting you Need to do as You Install McAfee Parental Control

McAfee parental control helps parents to keep a constant watch on their kids’ activity. Since the generation is blessed with non-stop technological advancement, children are also getting along with all the changes, whether it is the adaption of using the mobile phone every minute or accessing the internet. Providentially, we have the trust of McAfee antivirus that not only claims to provide comprehensive protection but actually delivers it. Therefore, it is necessary to install McAfee parental control on the devices that your kids have the access of. When you install McAfee parental control on your mobile phones and PC, you get various security features to determine as well as analyze your kids day-to-day activity.

McAfee parental control

You can add Age-appropriate website filtering to ensure that your children are accessing appropriate sites. Other services are also there but you need to have an active account in order to leverage parental control attributes. Now, if you are struggling with the setting changes after you install McAfee from, you can refer to the steps below.

Please note that a user needs to install McAfee (licensed version) and then set a Windows administrator password. Once done, follow the steps below.

How to set up McAfee parental controls?

  1. Double-click on McAfee Security icon to open the interface
  2. Go to Parental Controls and click on the Parental Controls link
  3. When you see the Administrator Password section, press Set button
  4. Create a unique and strong password of your choice and confirm it
  • Make sure to add a password hint in the Enter Password Hint fields
  1. Click OK when the confirmation dialog box appears to complete the process

You McAfee parental control will start to work properly. You have only made basic settings; if you want to apply available filters, seek support from But to have active services, you need to have McAfee install with a licensed version else, you will not be able to access kids’ protection features.

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