How to Install McAfee Antivirus with Activation Key Code

McAfee antivirus services best in class cyber security features so users can keep their digital devices protected against emerging risks. Yet, knowing that how dangerous it can be to surf the internet without an antivirus, many people do not take the measure. Having an active McAfee security system on phones and computers not only secures data stored in it but also improves its potential life.

If you have not used McAfee antivirus before and wondering how and where do you get the license or activation key code from, then you only need to visit From the home page, click on the McAfee icon at the top-right corner and you will be directed to the main page. Here, at the top section/ menu, hover over Account option, click to expand the option and then register your account. After accessing your McAfee account, you can take a tour of the product offered and find out which is the best suitable for your need.

How do you get McAfee activation key code?

Whether you require a security system for any business need or personal, you can pick from the wide product range of McAfee antivirus. Moreover, there are certain products that users can use without paying as the security software company renders its users to use McAfee free trial valid for a specific period. Once you exceed the duration, you will then need to subscribe the software.

During the subscription process, you require to provide your details to purchase a product. Once you complete the procedure, an email is sent to your registered address that contains license key code/ activation key code of the software you purchased.

Before installing the software on your computer/ Smartphone, be ready with the activation code you that you either may have purchased in the form of a McAfee retail card or received an email on the registered email address. Keep your McAfee license key code safe as you will need it while installation, activation, renewal, and migration (upgrade) of the respective product.

  • Install McAfee on your computer

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. On the home page, enter your McAfee activation key code in the respective field
  3. When directed to the next page, you will have to enter your login credential associated with your McAfee account
  • In case you are a new user, click on ‘Register an account’ and create your McAfee account by following the prompts on the window
  1. As you are directed to your profile, you will have the McAfee antivirus product linked with the license key code you entered, Click ‘download your software’
  2. Now, open the file you recently downloaded in order to install it
  3. Start McAfee installation by following the instructions displaying on your computer’s screen

Complete the steps as the installation window displays and when you complete all the steps, the software will start to install automatically. Do not close the window or shut down your computer, as it will cause McAfee installation error (McAfee error 0).

Depending on your subscription, you can use the same subscription to install McAfee on your Android/ iOS phones. If you purchased the subscription only for phone, then you can install the app by following the below steps.

  1. Launch Google play store/ Apple app store
  2. Search for your McAfee product and tap on the option
  3. Tap ‘Install’ and mark agree to the license policy to proceed
  4. Once the app is installed, tap on the icon to launch it
  5. Now, log in with your credential registered on McAfee account
  6. Configure the sync setting

The app now installed and active to monitor all the running activates. Scan your device and remove the files suggested by the app. The file could be unsafe for your phone and data. Also, keep the software/app activated in order to be notified with all the latest changes and updates.  McAfee activates also helps you in the elimination of emerging threats technology.