How Do I Know If My PC Is Infected, how to protect it?

In the era of increased scams rates it is important to know if your electronics are safe from viruses, and if not then what measures you should take. A global antivirus, Webroot says that more than 90% of malware and cyber attacks were new this year and nearly 26% of phishing sites used IP masking to hide the domain, suggesting how important it is to install Webroot on computers and Smartphone to protect the stored data.

As the technology advances, cybercriminals manage to stay a step ahead with it. Targeting different audience for different purposes, crooks always come up with malicious programs to breach into users personal data. Different viruses have their own technique of working on computers, where the most common sign to identify if a PC is infected is its demoted performance.

However, a computer also slows down when you do not update the system or when there is less or no memory space. Other effects can also be noticed if the computer or mobile device is infected with any malware or virus file.

Signs that your computer is infected

  • Lethargic PC performance
  • A rise in pop-up ads
  • Frequently crashing windows
  • Abruptly opening of new toolbars you can’t delete
  • Mysterious changes to homepage settings
  • Automatically appearing folders and files that do not delete
  • Inert search results
  • Anonymous toll charges on your phone bill
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • Webroot install does not start

How to prevent your PC from viruses? – Webroot Install

People seek for effective programs that are easy to operate and work smart. One such program is Webroot antivirus. An interface that is easy to access and attributes that take action instantly, can be found when you have Webroot install.

Using an active version of Webroot install helps users to detect any & every mysterious action going on and blocks it right away. To install Webroot on your phone and computer is a quick task, and as soon as you activate it, it starts protecting your device and data.

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