Install Office 365 Setup – Windows Office 365 Install with product key

Microsoft Office suite is nearly used by every working professional and student. With an array of applications, such as MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneDrive and other, you get different set of features for different functions. The productivity suite has made real-time collaboration possible, which has eased users to work from remote locations.

install office 365

With a number of added advantages, you get the opportunity to come up with results that are more productive. To get started with MS Office, here is what you need to do.

Get an Office 365 product subscription

  1. Open a web browser and go the official Microsoft Office 365 website
  2. Sign in and proceed
  • If you do not have an existing account on MS Office 365, click the sign in button and select the option of ‘Create an account’
  • Follow the prompts and register your account by confirming it from the email address you used
  1. Go back to the home page of MS Office 365 and click Products
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the product you want to know about and expand the section
  3. After determining the version and package, proceed with the steps accordingly
  4. Select the number of devices on which you want to Install office 365 (If asked)
  5. Enter the required details
  6. Once you complete the billing, you will receive an office 365 Product key on the registered email address
  7. Keep the mail secured, as you will need it while installation and activation of the product

You have now purchased a license to use Office productivity suite without an error. Now you have the enrollment to use MS Office 365 online and if you are comfortable for the desktop version, follow the steps to know the installation process. When you Install office 365 with Product key, you get the licensed version of the product.

Install Office 365 on a Windows-based computer

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Office account
  2. From the main page, you will see an option to install Office 365 on your computer
  3. Choose to install
  4. Enter your Office setup product key in the field
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts and step next for the installation
  6. Open the file you recently downloaded and run Office Setup on your computer
  7. Enter the product key if asked
  8. Execute the on-screen prompts and complete the installation

The installation of the suite might take some time, make sure you do not suspend the process or shut down the computer meanwhile. Now, if you have a pre-installed Office productivity suite, you can skip the process mentioned above.

However, to continue the use of this software, you will be required to have a subscribed and activated version. In case you do not know how to check if the software is working actively or the subscription has expired, follow the instructions. These instructions will also explain to you how to activate the software.

Activate Microsoft Office 365

Please note- You are required to have a strong internet connectivity and Office product key for uninterrupted Office 365 activation.

  1. Launch any of the utility such as MS Office Word
  2. Check below the toolbar, if there is any highlighted banner with ‘Reactivate’ button
  3. If there is no banner or any other kind of pop-up/message, the software is activated and you can skip the process below
  4. When you click the ‘Reactivate’ button, you automatically get connected to the internet and MS Office login page comes up
  5. Log in to your account using the credentials from which you purchased the subscription
  • If the subscription is expired, renew the product and get the Office product key
  1. Use the key and activate the software

Your MS Office setup is now activated; you can use it without an error. If you are facing any trouble while accessing your Office account, renewing the subscription and so, submit the error under the support section of the official site.