| Download , Install & Activate | Office Setup With a smart approach of working and representing works, Microsoft Office suite comes with a range of features. Students, as well as professional,, can access the productivity suite; moreover, there is not special or high-priced training required understanding the features. With an easy interface, you can create high-quality documents, slide shows, charts, and tables, excel sheets, notes, and much more.

Ever since the Microsoft Office started its online platform, it made easier for people to work remotely. You can share the file with multiple users to work or maintain it. The application has an auto-save feature and other advanced systems that make you work productive and easy.

Now, the organization indeed offer an unpaid service of Office setup for a certain period, but to continue with it, you need to purchase a subscription in order to access genuine MS Office setup product version. To have a licensed product, you need to visit the official Microsoft Office page or you can simply click  to be redirected. From here, you can buy a subscription and install the software on your computer or Android device.

Before executing any step further, remove any other Microsoft Office suite before installing another one. Having different product simultaneously (for e.g. Office 2016 and 2013) will cause unknown Office errors and slows down the performance rate. Also, note that the steps may differ slightly depending on the web browser, operating system, and their versions.

After completing the requirements, carry on to execute the steps below.

How to Download Microsoft Office setup

  1. Open and Sign in/Sign up
  2. When redirected to your MS Office account, you will be asked to enter Office setup product key in the field
  3. Enter the key and submit
  • If you do not have an MS Office setup subscription the go to the main Microsoft Office page and select a product with the set of products of your need
  • Complete the billing process and a unique product key will be sent to the registered account
  • Use the product key and proceed
  1. Click on the download button and continue with the installation steps

How to Install Microsoft Office setup

  1. Double-click and open the folder you downloaded
  2. Run Office setup/ Run install MS Office
  3. If asked, enter the Office product key and proceed
  4. Keep following the directions as appear on the screen
  5. After completing the installation, get along with the steps motioned below

How to Activate Microsoft Office setup

  1. Open any desktop version of Office utility, such as Office Word
  2. If there is a highlighted banner on the upper portion of the window with a clickable reactivate button, click on the button
  3. You are now connected to the internet
  4. Login to your Office account if asked
  5. Enter the Office setup product key in the field
  6. If showing error or product key expired message, renew the subscription and activate

The software is now successfully activated. If you fail to complete the process or encounter any complexity during the setup, submit your report under the support section of