How Do You Open MS OneNote Notebooks From a New Location?

If you have been saving MS OneNote notebooks on a local hard drive and want to access them on your mobile phone, you might not be able to do so. For this, you need to move OneNote from your computer to OneDrive. In the whole process of moving data, you need to open the notebooks from the new location and most of the users stuck while executing this process.

If you too are finding it difficult, then here is the manual process for easy execution. This is a mandatory the process to need to execute this process while moving  MS OneNote notebooks from your computer to OneDrive 2016.

How to open Notebooks from a new location?

1. Launch OneNote 2016 (or the version you have), press the small arrow after the name of the current notebook
2. In the  list of recently opened Notebooks, right-click on the name of a random notebook that you have transferred earlier to OneDrive
3. Next, press the button ‘Close this Notebook’
4. go over this step for any other notebooks in the catalog that were moved to OneDrive
5. To access the recently moved files from the new OneDrive location click on File
6. You will find the option of ‘Open from OneDrive’, click Sign In and then log in to office setup
7. When the list of notebooks that appears, select the notebook you want to open from OneDrive heading

After completing this procedure, you can now proceed to open the files from OneDrive. Users who have purchased additional space on OneDrive server of MS Office setup need to make sure that their subscription remains updated.

To do so, you need to visit and require login to the account from which you purchased the subscription. Give a constant notice to the validity to maintain the extra space.

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