How to Overcome Slow Office Installation Process?

Microsoft office is largely used in organization which gives the swiftness and enhanced the productivity of employees. It makes the business more fruitful and gives the insight for the better efficiency. At present Microsoft Office is a much-needed business software for every organization. Microsoft office is used for multiple business purposes such as presentations, reports, and labels etc.

Sometimes it takes so long to install (download link- due to some error which might occur anytime. Additionally, it also depends which operating system you are using at that time whether MAC or Windows.

 In the case of MAC:

  • Uninstall Office 2011
  • To uninstall it you need to download Office Remove tool from the website
  • Before downloading the Remove tool you have to quit the entire ongoing program which will be running at that time
    1. Go to the Office official website
    2. Now click the Download button
    3. Open the Remove2011 by going to the downloads folder
  • Check and Run the Remove2011 tool
  • Run Dockutil tool
  • Now remove icons from the dock

In the case of Windows:

  • You can go for restarting your computer and check if Office is installed
  • If not then, Go for the wired connection and try to re-install it. This will help the speed of your internet connection and the chances of installation will be higher as the wired connection has higher speed than the wireless
  • If the slow speed of your internet still persists then you can install office by using the Offline Installer. Normally Office Offline installer may be able to avoid firewall, proxy, or antivirus software.
  • If Office is still not being downloaded in spite of downloading the Office Offline installer then check for some other options such as:
    1. Disable the antivirus for the certain period of time
      • Go to the taskbar and find your installed antivirus
      • Right click on the desired antivirus icon
      • Click on the Disable button
    2. Check for Run online repair from the control panel
    3. Remove and then re-install it again

For more information and queries on how to install Office Setup call to the customer care number.

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