What is the Purpose of Track Changes Tool in MS-Word?

Unlike other tools in MS-Word, the track changes tool functions in a different way to help you in monitoring the changes made in the document. It is entirely up to you whether to accept or deny the modification made in the document by others.

It is recognized as a helpful tool for managing the modification made by the numerous analysts in the same document.  This tool is also known as redline or redlining for business purposes.

 Some of the enterprises use the tool for their project or presentation purposes. They mark the red line to show that the text has been modified by the particular group members. In order to use this tool, you need to download MS-Word by visiting office.com/setup.

You need to know basically three things that are taking place at the same time while using the track changes tool in your document. They are as follows-

  • Suppose you have made changes on your documents, maybe in the last week, yesterday or some seconds before and MS-Word has saved all the changes. This all happened because you turned on the ‘Track changes’ tool.
  • In case MS-Word has saved all the changes you have made on the document then you can either choose to display the changes or choose to hide the changes.

So, choosing hiding them doesn’t mean removing the changes but making them hide from view.

  • This very moment also MS-Word might be saving your changes in the document.

To use the ‘Track Changes’ option, you need to first open MS-Word then drag your cursor to the header and click on the ‘Review’ option. After clicking on the ‘Review’ option, select the tool.

  • If the track changes are ‘turned on’ then the deletions are marked with a strikethrough and underline is marked below the words or sentences. Different analysts’ changes will be shown with the different colors.
  • If the track changes are ‘turned off’ then MS-Word will stop marking the changes but the colored underline and the strikethrough will exist in the document.

If you need to review the changes made in your document by the others then you need to click on the ‘Review’ option then select ‘Tracking Changes’ option. On the right-hand side of the ‘Tracking Changes’ option, below the ‘Show Markup’ bar, click on the ‘Reviewing Pane’ to display the review.

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