Get Cybersecurity with the Help of ‘Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

With the exceptional demand of using the internet, computer security has become a very sensitive issue Everyday new antivirus companies are entering in the market with an assurance to protect your computer systems with complete safety. Out of them, Webroot is one of the oldest players in the digital world and its new product named ‘Webroot SecureAnywhere ’ is no less than an antidote for internet users.

‘Webroot SecureAnywhere’ is a very advanced antivirus program that proclaims the multi-device security in a single product. After the successful Webroot install, the antivirus starts securing your identity while doing online shopping and banking that means you can securely access any of the websites without being scared to getting your critical information leaked or stolen.

There are some more benefits I am going to explain to you such as:

Protecting your online identity– Specialized malware reach is so high that it can monitor your entire internet browsing habits, your passwords, accounts details, and so on. Now, protect all these critical information from the keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats.

Real-time anti-phishing secures your web browsing– If we go to the data then phishing is the primary reason behind data breaches in 2017. For those, Webroot is a monster and will prevent from stealing your login credentials or embedding malware on your device.

Secure login and password protection– Webroot Password Manager performs in a way that all your passwords and credit & debit card details will be encrypted and stored on your computer. This encryption method is used by the U.S government for their confidential data because as long as hackers don’t have a decryption key, the encrypted data is useless for them.

Robust Mobile Security– Nowadays, everybody is using mobile phones, therefore, concealing your identity from a cybercriminal or script kiddie becomes so important for every user. Thus, Webroot offers protection for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and tablets. It securely blocks all the malicious websites even before your browsing.

Efficiently scans your system– Webroot takes only 20 to 25 seconds to perform scanning. It is all way up 60x quicker than any other antivirus. Moreover, time-to-time cloud-based updates will always keep you protected.

Advantages of auto-backup and protected online data storage- If you are using iPhone then you must be having 5 GB cloud storage but in the case of other devices, you won’t get any cloud storage. In that way, Webroot comes to your rescue by giving up to 25 GB cloud storage to secure your photos, files, folders, and music etc.

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