How to Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1(SP1) – Manual Method

Microsoft Windows keeps coming with new and improvised features from time to time. The most common and popular Windows version till date has been Windows 7. Many users have liked the interface of this version so much that they never upgraded to the subsequent versions. The Windows 7 SP1 is the only update pack till date that has new and upgraded features to enhance user-experience of Windows 7. Learning how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is easy, but the process can certainly take some time. In this blog, we will tell you some steps on how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

The Windows 7 SP1 is a critical update for your Windows 7 PC as it is a prerequisite for future updates and security fixes from Microsoft. Usually, before going forward with steps on how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1, it’s best to wait for a pushed update request from Microsoft. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Windows 7 SP1 without waiting, follow below steps.

How to install Windows Service Pack 1 (manual):

  1. Click on the Start button, and then click on Control Panel.
  2. Now, click on System and Security.
  3. Click on the green heading, Windows Update.
  4. Once Windows Update appears, click on ‘Check online for updates from Microsoft Update’.
  5. Your computer might take several minutes to check for available updates.
  6. Once checking is completed, click on ‘Important updates are available’.
  7. Atop the list, uncheck the box next to ‘Name’ in order to deselect all available updates. Now, tick on the box next to the Service Pack update. This will install the Windows 7 SP1
  8. Click the OK button on that screen.
  9. You will be redirected to the initial Windows Update screen. Here, you will see that an important update is selected. Click on the ‘Install updates’ button.
  10. Do not turn off the PC during installation – for any reason. Reboot it only when prompted to do so.

If the above method on how to install Windows 7 SP1 didn’t work, you can always wait for a push notification from Windows. You can also contact the Windows support center to connect with a customer service representative that will guide you through the whole process of how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

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