How to Install Windows – Windows Install


install windows

Install Windows – An operating system is a software that lets a user run other applications on a computing device as it the interface between the software and the computer hardware. Among a list of different operating system, Windows is the one being used widely. With the key feature of offering a highly user-friendly interface, people choose to install Windows OS over other operating systems.

Windows operating system has seen a constant improvement and development in order to give its existing users a better experience and also to increase the number of users. Came up with the latest version of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, the medium has changed to appear modish and easy to use.

Now, the problem turns out when a user does not know how to install Windows operating system. Unlike software or program that people generally download and install on their computer or mobile phone, the process to install Windows OS is totally different. If you too are struggling with the same complexity of not knowing how to install Windows on your PC, refer to the steps below.

How to install windows OS? Using a Windows Installation DVD

  1. Turn off and turn on your computer by using the power button of your computer
  2. Wait for the BIOS screen to appear
  • It may depend on your computer’s motherboard, so if it is taking too long to open BIOS screen or the screen is not opening at all then press these keys simultaneously – Del, Esc, F2, F9, or F10 to open the BIOS system
  1. From the top menu of the screen, click on ‘Boot’ to expand options
  2. Choose CD-ROM drive option as the first boot device of your computer
  • The step may vary depending on your computer
  1. Press ‘Exit Saving changes’ to keep the changes you made. You will see a confirmation dialogue box, click Yes and confirm the changes
  2. Once done, shut down your computer by pressing the power off button
  3. Now insert the CD/ DVD in the disk space to begin the process to install Windows OS
  4. If you see a command or button to perform or press for the boot process, perform that action and proceed. If the computer does not ask you to perform any action, possibly some settings may have been done wrong. Go back over the previous steps and perform it carefully to install windows error-free
  5. Select your preferences to continue with Windows Setup options
  6. Click Install Now button to get started with the process to install Windows on your computer
  7. Mark you agreement in the license and agreement checkbox
  8. In the ‘install Window’ dialogue box, select an option on ‘Which type of installation do you want’
  • Upgrade
  • Custom (advanced) – Recommended
  1. As you click on Custom mode to install Windows, you will see ‘Where do you want to install Windows’
  2. Select a disk drive as per your choice and click Next
  • If there is any data stored in the hard drive, delete the data and/ or format it
  • In case there is no partition in your computer’s drive then create two or more derives
  1. Complete the prompts on the screen and the windows will start to install

The installation process might take several minutes or about half-an-hour for completion. Know you know how to Install windows on your computer. However, if you encounter any trouble during the process, connect with the official service provider to fix the issue.