How is Your Cloud Data Secured with Norton Setup

Norton is a well-known anti-malware software developed to deliver computer and Norton mobile security. Since the generation has changed with the evolving technology, we have gone online, whether it is our social life or professional work style. Moreover, going online has made it easier to manage data and there is no need to carry hard drives to keep the data.

Relying on cloud storage is indeed a better choice but one cannot promise if it is safe or not. To ensure the security, Norton setup previously came up with Auto-Protect. This is the first in the range of protection against threats by providing real-time defense for your computer.

Norton Auto-Protect constantly monitors files, email, and other data stored. However, it is necessary to synchronize your Norton Account with accounts you want to protect or turn on the firewall security of the security product.


  • File System Auto-Protect: With this, the activated antivirus perform scanning of files and folders in the background and lets you perform other tasks meanwhile.
  • Internet and Email Auto-Protect: This, as well, is a task that runs on the background and the ongoing scan does not affect the user. Providing users the real-time protection against spam emails, Phishing links, malicious downloads, unauthorized web pages and much more. As you activate the product by creating your account on official source), you get the freedom to save your data on Norton’s could space (depending on your subscription plan).

If you save your data on your cloud-based account, the security software encrypts the data as well as all your account details.

  • Notes Auto-Protect: This type of Auto-Protect also delivers real-time security layers against attachments to Lotus Notes email. This scan gives Lotus Notes users added protection from online threats sent via email. It is recommended to enable this feature in settings to avoid high-risks.

You can withdraw more high-end feature with Auto-Protect as it has the ability to determine a file’s type even when a threat transform the file’s extension. If you are concerned about your online data, make sure you install and activate Norton Setup and perform a deep scan.

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